Yailin La Mas Viral Age, Net Worth,

Yailin La Más Viral Age, Full Name, Net Worth… In Details

Yailin La Mas Viral Age, Net Worth,

Yailin La Más Viral, born Jorgina Guillermo Díaz on July 4, 2002, is a Dominican rapper and singer who has taken the music world by storm. At just 21 years old, she has already made a significant impact with her unique style and captivating performances. Let’s delve into her career, personal life, and more.


Yailin’s journey began when she signed with Akino Mundial Music in 2019. Her genre of choice is dembow, a popular Dominican music style. In August 2020, she collaborated with Haraca Kiko on the remix of “Quién Me Atraca a Mí,” released under Gatty Music. Later that year, she dropped “Yo No Me Voy Acostar” alongside Tokischa and La Perversa.

However, it was TikTok that catapulted Yailin to fame in 2021. Her hit song “Chivirika” with El Villano RD became a sensation on the platform. In April 2022, she embarked on her first concert tour in the United States. And on April 1, 2022, she collaborated with Anuel AA on the single “Si Tú Me Busca,” produced by Súbelo Neo.

Personal Life

Yailin’s personal life has been equally eventful. She publicly confirmed her relationship with Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA in January 2022. The couple tied the knot in June 2022, but unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last. In February 2023, they announced their separation.

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Despite the ups and downs, Yailin welcomed her first child, a daughter named Cattleya, in March 2023. Later that year, she began dating rapper 6ix9ine. However, in December 2023, she faced legal trouble. Yailin was arrested in Palm Beach, Florida, on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and obstructing justice related to an assault on 6ix9ine outside his home. Videos emerged showing her damaging the rapper’s car and striking him with a piece of wood. She was booked into jail and subsequently released on a $9,000 bond after a court hearing.



  • Resiliencia (2024)

Singles (As Lead Artist)

  • “Deposito De Leche” (2021)
  • “Cuero”
  • “Eso Da Pa To” (with Shadow Blow)
  • “Solo Tú y Yo” (with Shadow Blow)
  • “Narcisista”
  • “MIA”
  • “FEEFAFO” (with Ben El and 6ix9ine)
  • “Bad Bxtch”
  • “Trola Remix” (with Mestizo Is Back)
  • “Nota”

Singles (As Guest Artist)

  • “Quién Me Atraca a Mí” (remix) (with Haraca Kiko)
  • “Nataly” (with Ceky Viciny)
  • “Yo No Me Voy Acostar” (with Tokischa and La Perversa)
  • “Chivirika” (with El Villano RD)
  • “La Máquina” (with Anuel AAJowell & Randy, and De La Ghetto)
  • “Del Kilo” (with Anuel AA and Treintisiete)
  • “Chikilio” (with Menor Queen and Zunna)
  • “Pa Ti” (with 6ix9ine)
  • “Shaka Laka” (with 6ix9ine and Kodak Black)
  • “COCO” (with 6ix9ine)

Yailin La Mas Viral  Net Worth

Yailin La Mas Viral Age, Net Worth,

Let’s dive into Yailin La Más Viral’s net worth. Note that specific financial details will be used, we will estimate her earnings based on her career achievements and public appearances.

Yailin La Mas Viral  Net Worth Estimation (Sources Of Income)


  1. Music Sales and Streaming Revenue: Yailin’s music sales and streaming revenue contribute significantly to her net worth. As a rising star, her songs are streamed millions of times across various platforms. Considering her hit singles and collaborations, we estimate her earnings from music sales and streaming to be in the high six figures annually.
  2. Concert Tours and Performances: Yailin embarked on her first concert tour in the United States in 2022. Concerts and live performances are lucrative sources of income for artists. Assuming she continues touring and performing, her net worth would benefit from ticket sales, merchandise, and sponsorships.
  3. Brand Endorsements and Partnerships: Yailin’s growing popularity attracts brand endorsements and partnerships. Companies often collaborate with artists to promote their products or services. These deals can be quite lucrative, especially if she aligns with well-known brands.
  4. Social Media Influence: Yailin’s presence on social media platforms like TikTokInstagram, and Twitter contributes to her net worth. Influencers earn money through sponsored posts, brand partnerships, and ad revenue. With her large following, Yailin likely receives substantial compensation for her social media presence.
  5. Investments and Business Ventures: Successful artists often diversify their income streams. Yailin may have invested in real estate, stocks, or other ventures. Additionally, she could explore launching her own fashion line, cosmetics brand, or other entrepreneurial endeavors.
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Here’s a table containing relevant biographical information about Yailin La Más Viral Age, Net Worth…:

Subject Details
Age 21 years old (born July 4, 2002)
Full Name Jorgina Guillermo Díaz
Net Worth Estimated high six figures annually (based on music sales, streaming, and endorsements)
Daughter’s Name Cattleya


FAQs About Yailin La Mas Viral Age, Net Worth and Others


  1. How old is Yailin La Más Viral?
    • Yailin was born on July 4, 2002, which makes her 21 years old as of now.
  2. What is Yailin’s full name?
    • Yailin’s full name is Jorgina Guillermo Díaz.
  3. When did Yailin La Más Viral gain fame on TikTok?
    • Yailin rose to fame on TikTok in 2021 with her hit song “Chivirika.”
  4. Did Yailin La Más Viral collaborate with Anuel AA?
    • Yes, Yailin collaborated with Anuel AA on the single “Si Tú Me Busca” in 2022.
  5. What is Yailin’s daughter’s name?
    • Yailin’s daughter is named Cattleya.


Yailin La Más Viral’s journey has been filled with highs and lows, but her talent and determination continue to shine. As she navigates both her music career and personal life, she remains a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Keep an eye out for her future endeavors!

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